10 Cheap Things to do in Barcelona

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Not everyone likes to splurge on vacation. It's sometimes nice to really explore and enjoy different cultures all while saving a little cash. Traveling to some parts of Europe can be quite expensive at times, but there are always cheap, if not free, things to do.

1. Playa de La Barceloneta

Weather is warming up and what better way to spend a relaxing day than at a beach. Pack a lunch and drinks and soak up the sun along with the locals. There's even nearby restaurants, bars, and ice cream stands all along the beach.

2. Can Paixano (La Xampanyeria)

ATTENTION: CHEAP CHAMPAGNE BAR! This bar is a hidden gem. Enjoy countless glasses of champagne and wine for no more than 2 Euros each! Yes, 2 Euros! They also have little appetizers such as cheese platters, artichoke, and meat. But you can only enjoy the price special during happy hour times.

3. Bunkers del Carmel

If you're in to beautiful skylines and views, you have to visit Bunkers del Carmel. It's a steep hike up to the top, but trust me, the views are well worth it. On your way up the hill, stop by a wine store and head to watch the sunset. Got 2 liters of wine for 3 Euros. The view is phenomenal!

4. Plaça de Catalunya

Think of this as the Times Square of Barcelona. Here is the large square in Central Barcelona. This is where lots of people hang out and walk by the fountains. Brace yourself as there are hundreds of pigeons walking and flying around. Perfect for a photo op, if you're not afraid.

5. El Corte Ingles at Plaça de Catalunya

Looking to 'Treat Yo Self?' Well look no further. This mall is located in the city center and has 9 floors to satisfy your retail therapy needs. Or you can always window shop.

6. La Plaça Gastro Mercat

If you would rather much eat, on the top floor of El Corte Ingles is a classy, yet affordable cafeteria-like restaurant that offers a selection of different types of food such as Italian, Chinese, and bakery goods. If you're lucky enough you can snag a table by a window that overlooks the city of Barcelona.

7. Café Hop

Walk around the city and pop in Cafés for a beer, drink, or snack. It's a great way to walk and explore the city and meet people. You might even get lucky enough to wander in on a live band.

8. Dow Jones Bar: The Barcelona Drink Exchange

This bar is actually pretty cool. It's pretty much set u like the New York Stock Exchange. There aren't set prices for drinks. The more people that buy the same drink, that price goes up as the other drink prices go down. There's a screen to indicate the price exchange.

9. Park Güell

Parks are usually free for you to roam, explore and relax, but to access a special point, you'll have to purchase tickets to tour the restricted area. This park is full of landscape gardens and genius architecture. Highly recommended to purchase tickets online beforehand. General admission is 7.5 Euros. Additional tours will be extra.

10. Sagrada Família & Barcelona Cathedral

This Temple is covered with tourists but it's definitely a must see. Tours are available for purchase to tour the inside of the church or you can do like everyone else and just snap photos of the outside and embrace its architectural beauty.

*Bonus: Sangria & Tapas

If you have some down time, you're definitely at the right place to enjoy this combo. These can be ordered just about at any restaurant or café. But, it's even better when enjoyed outdoors, typically near the beach.

Have any other remarkable places and things to do in Barcelona? Leave a comment below. I would love to hear about them and add them to my next visit.

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