Cheers To One Year

Reaching one year is a major milestone and I feel as though it shouldn't be brushed off. It should be recognized and celebrated. Reflect on the past year, obstacles, triumphs, and what made you who you are today.

You've hit your one-year mark at work? Celebrate that accomplishment and prepare yourself for a promotion. One year of sobriety? Maybe celebrate over dinner with close friends and family who helped you along the way. One year anniversary? Of course, celebrate the union; you've overcame the good and the bad that most couples couldn't push through.

What am I celebrating? I'm celebrating the one year mark of the toughest and bravest decision I've made. I walked out on a toxic and disastrous relationship and became single. Most people would later either go back to that relationship or immediately jump right into another relationship. Personally, I thought I wouldn't be able to get over him, but I stayed strong and blocked him out my life. I believe the healthiest decision is to work on yourself in the meantime. This is the time for you to be selfish. For three years, I've been constantly putting others before myself. And for once, I was able to learn new things about myself. Once you step back from the toxic things in your life, you flourish. I no longer had the constant feelings of being ashamed or crying. I'm actually enjoying my life, And with NO REGRETS!

Enjoy this time! Let this be a stepping stone toward your future. All things are definitely possible!


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