Festival Day

Updated: Jun 16, 2019

It’s festival day!! Prior to this day I hadn’t done much research on the music festival, mainly because the website is majority in French, but I didn’t believe it that Erykah Badu would be performing. Honestly, I didn’t think I would know any performers because of it being in France.

And another surprise! Future is performing as well! I didn’t believe the lineup when I googled it but when we got to the festival grounds, the lineups were displayed and viola both Erykah Badu and a future we’re both set today, we pick the best day to go!

The music festival was We Love Green and it was for a great cause and for the environment. One of the neat things that they did was when you purchase a drink or beer you pay one euro for the cup and you can use it for refills but when you return your cup when you’re done, you get your euro back, minimizing the use of paper or trash. They also had free water!!

I didn’t have the slightest idea of how much French people love Erykah Badu or a future. I was just in shock. But also relieved that they didn’t have the same performance times since they were on different stages.

Erykah was up first, 30 minutes late but at least she showed. My friends and I made our way all the way to close centerstage. (Sometimes you just have to wiggle your way through the crowd). Great performance, great everything. I’m so glad I got to witness this legend, especially away from home in Paris.

Now the future performance felt like home, Atlanta. Everyone knew all the words and was hype all throughout. It just comes to show that no matter your background, where are your from, or what language you may speak, music brings people together.

The atmosphere was unreal, being in the crowd and rapping the lyrics with unknown people is something that I will never ever forget.


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