From Paris, With Love

Updated: Jun 16, 2019

Two more hours until we land and I've been waken up from my slumber by the smell of cuisine. Yumm! because I'm starving. I'm well rested and ready to take on my first day in Paris!

The craziest thing is that my friend Vilma is here visiting Paris at the same time, although this is her last day here.

Okay here's what I have to do:

Once the plane lands, go through customs, take the train to Paris, take even more trains to my friend's place, walk up six flights to her flat to drop off my luggage, shower and freshen up, get on the metro and meet up with Vilma.

Seems like a lot? It was! and to top it all off, the train leaving the airport to Paris was delayed by 45 minutes.

3 hours later... I finally met up with Vilma at Le Ronsard Café right in front of Sacré-Cœur Basilica. I finished her wine and we went and bought a bottle of wine at sat at Square Louise Michel right in front of the church.

What a perfect relaxful day! I was so happy to see her even though I saw her 3 weeks prior when she graduated with her Master's degree, but it was just so cool that we meet up again in Paris. It definitely felt like we were adulting. We finished the bottle of wine, so I walked to get another. The wine had us feeling right.

Time was flying by but we didn't even realize how late it was getting because it doesn't start to get dark until after 10 pm.

Vilma had a bus to catch that night, but my friend Joyce who lives in Paris, invited us to a spot on the Seine River where people gather, drink, and salsa dance after work. And let me tell you, the atmosphere was everything! If I lived in Paris, I would be there every Friday night and thats a fact!

I met so many wonderful and cool people that night.

Day one was everything!


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