How to Travel With a Personal Bag

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

In a previous post, How to Pack A Carry-On For A Two Week Trip, I showed a packing hack of fitting two weeks of  winter clothes in a carry-on suitcase to cut down extra fees while flying.

On my way back from Prague I wanted to experiment and see if I could take it another step further and it was indeed successful I mean FREE!!

In the previous post, you would recall me using travel space bags and they work like magic! I used the same method but instead of a carry-on suitcase, I purchased a small/medium dufflebag.

I was able to fold in the sides of the bag, hoping to meet the free personal bag dimension requirement and IT DID.

I flew on 3 different airlines and they all passed the test! WOW airlines, which had only one personal item for free. Norwegian Air and JetBlue both had one personal item as well as one carry-on for free.

Just wanted to share this helpful information and packing hacks with my fellow frugal travelers!

What are some of your personal traveling and packing hacks? Please share them below!

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