I Found Myself Abroad: Part I

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

Could I really be homesick? To a place that I don't even call home? Is that even remotely possible? I've only stayed in Prague for two whole weeks, but it seemed as though I was starting to get accustomed to the lifestyle. A life that was much different from my own in the States. A life that is far less complex and seemed so much better, as if it were a fairytale.

I've lived, learned, and matured over the course of two weeks. I've found another outlook for my life and possibly my next adventure or purpose.

The main focus of this "Euro Trip" was to standup to a guy who controlled me for three years and to ultimately find my true self.

Why do people constantly combine traveling overseas with finding oneself? I believe the true reason is because you're putting yourself thousands of miles away from home, leaving all your problems, doubts, and familiarities and blindly setting yourself up in an environment that is entirely different than what you're used to living. You're living, eating, socializing with strangers who have an entirely different perspective on life. You have the feeling like you're starting over and cleansing your body, mind and soul.

My last thoughts before arriving to Prague, Czech Republic was being blessed to be given the opportunity to travel and in some way be a role model to others who were or is still involved in a toxic relationship as I was. Just showing that you don't have to be unhappy and living miserably every single day. There's so much more to life and you shouldn't waste it away sitting, moping, and thinking that you can't do better. Because you can.

I've learned a great deal on this trip. Most of which were not planned, but that's the best thing about it. I didn't travel to forcefully change myself. I wanted that to just happen naturally by putting my guards down and placing myself right in the midst of an unknown culture. I've decided to split this blog post into three parts that had the most impact on me: Prague's atmosphere, Culture, and Relationships.

Old Towne Prague

The atmosphere in Prague was just phenomenal. It was like I traveled to another dimension. Living in Atlanta, Georgia you're surrounded by skyscrapers, High-rise apartments and condos. I was in complete awe when I saw Prague's buildings. Just imagine walking around a city where its buildings and statues aged back to hundreds of years ago. It's like you're walking through history. The aesthetic of the buildings were  detailed, beautiful, and had character. You can really appreciate the art in the architecture.

Dance House

Like any other city, there's a tourist area and then there's the outskirts where you can find the locals. I had the pleasure of visiting the touristy spots such as The Olde Town, Charles Bridge, and the Prague Castle that was overwhelmingly packed with people from all over the world and ridiculously high-priced food and drinks. But overall,  my favorite was experiencing life among the locals. A Special thanks to friends and a charming Czech I've had a pleasure to meet.

Staying in the local area I had to move around like everyone else. For the first time in my life I used public transportation for daily purposes. If I wasn't walking, I was riding either the tram, bus, or metro. It was such an unique but enjoyable experience. I'm used to driving everywhere at home. Atlanta has been proved to be one of the worst places with traffic. I'm always sitting in traffic on the way to work, on the way home from work, and even on the weekends. So it was quite pleasant to learn Prague's transportation system. It was nice to be able to sit back and relax and just ride to your destination, but it was pretty scary at first of course. I'm in a strange place, don't know the language and in the back of my mind I'm wondering what I would do if I got lost.

In Atlanta, we have Marta as our public transportation and I find it a little hard to follow. I've gotten lost and took the wrong train the couple of times I've rode. But what sets these two systems apart is that Prague's is more simple, even with not knowing how to read or speak the native language.

My friend Caroline had to work the weeks I was visiting. Every morning before work she would write down places for me to visit and instructions on how to get there using public transportation. The first day I was terrified. I was scared to even leave her flat alone, but I toughed it out and set off on my adventure. By the second week I was a pro. I didn't even need her instructions and I was riding and switching from Tram to bus.

Sitting in traffic on my first day back to work after vacation is the moment I realized I  missed and appreciated public transportation. Having to drive and sit in traffic for an hour or two can make anyone miserable. And something as small as catching the tram or bus can make a huge difference and impact on ones life. It's really the simple things.


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