I Found Myself Abroad: Part III

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

I've spent the most magical two weeks abroad in Prague. It changed and shaped the way I viewed my life and the decisions I will make. Relationships being one. I believe my standards of the opposite sex has hit an all-time high. I've never witnessed so much respect given to women. But then again, that's their culture. And it definitely beats the dating scene in America.

Ladies, Imagine a place where you can walk around, day or night, without being stared down or cat-called by men. No, that place is not imaginary or only exists in your dreams. I've actually lived it and I've never loved a place more.

Walking around in public, I noticed that men stayed mostly to themselves. Unlike in America, Where men are like parasites and always hitting on you and the majority of the time they can't handle rejection well. I never had the feeling of being uncomfortable in any way. Respect is completely different overseas, and I'm totally here for it.

Now, the dating scene in Prague reminds me of romantic movies. Very cliche I know. Europe and love go hand in hand, right? But, just hear me out. A typical date in America would be going to dinner and a movie. How boring and played out. Where does the conversation come in to play? And where's the effort and originality? How will you get to know a person if you're sitting quietly in a movie theater? That doesn't make sense at all. Grabbing a coffee, drinks, or food seems like a better idea. But, what about overlooking the city skyline with a nice cold beverage? Hands down, I would take that over any other date.

One of my favorite memories of my Prague trip was meeting this Czech guy. The two dates we went on is by far the best dates that I've ever been on. We met up at a metro station. Initially, a million thoughts were running through my head and I was nervous. I was traveling and taking public transportation alone. I was hoping I was at the correct meeting location and I had the "first meet" jitters. We finally meet and he was the tallest and most handsome guy with the cutest accent. We started the date by walking to a nearby beer garden that overlooked the city. We did our icebreakers and we actually held a conversation. We later went on to more walking through parks while he told me about Prague's history. I had my very own tour guide. Along our walk, we came across a playground. We sat on the carousel and we talked the night away as we spun slowly around in circles. And there's the kiss. How romantic is that?! Our next date happened to be on my last night in town. We met up and walked to another park. But this one had the most beautiful view of the city. We sat on the ledge and he packed us ciders to sip on while we enjoyed the view. If that isn't romantic, then what is? I didn't want that night to end and I definitely didn't want to leave Prague.

It was very different and strange to be treated with so much respect coming out of a toxic relationship last year. I actually had someone listen to me as if I mattered and was appreciated. I've never felt that way in a few years.

I feel that everyone is so mature abroad and their morals are so different and on a different level than the men in America. And quite frankly, that's something you look for when you get older and want to settle down.

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