Miami Brunch with a Twist

Miami is without a doubt one of the major party hot spots to visit and vacation in the United States. Countless birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette trips and even just quick little getaways help keep the city buzzing.

If you're right in the heart of Miami on South Beach, you'll for sure notice that both food and drinks are overly priced. Everyone is always looking to get a bang for their buck and looking for little perks along the way.

I just so happened to walk by this restaurant, Limonada Bar + Brunch, that had a sign outside that caught my eye. "Bottomless Mimosas" is all I had to see to get me to come.

If you don't know me, my favorite meal time is brunch and my favorite drink is mimosas, if its bottomless.

The next afternoon we were back at the brunch bar sitting in the back patio area near pool chairs and a little pool. The place has such a cozy, chill, beachy vibe.

Their menu had literally everything! But I was basic and ordered shrimp Quesadillas and of course the mimosas.

While waiting for the food, the Brunch Bar had the perfect Instagrammable wall to help pass the time.

I loved the restaurant so much that I brought another group of friends the next day.

My friends and I came for brunch and the mimosas but we noticed a spinning wheel by the bar that had drinking tasks. We were curious enough to ask the bartender what it was all about.

For just $1, you spin the wheel and whatever you land on you have to do whatever the task is to move on to the next round. After that is completed and want to move on to the next round, you pay another dollar and you play dice against the bartender. You must then get the higher number to move on. The next and final round, and also maybe the hardest, is chugging a glass of beer in just 4 SECS.

If you complete all these rounds you will win...DUN DUN DUN...a fishbowl filled with money.

Sounds easy right? Somewhat lol.

First round is easy, I spinned the wheel and landed on getting a free drink.

Second round is purely luck. I was the only one in the group to beat the bartender in dice. Everyone except me had multiple turns. Lucky me.

Third round, I knew I had no chance in winning and set myself up for failure. But, all I kept telling myself is what if and I'd never know unless I tried...AND...I failed lol.

But seriously, if you're competitive, like to have fun, drink, eat tasty food, and have a love for Instagrammable places, then you should definitely stop by this place.

It's definitely on my list for next time.


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