New Year, New Place: Ireland

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Finally arrived in Dublin. Thank God! Now all I have to do is go through border control, grab my luggage, hop on the bus and arrive at the hostel. Easy right? WRONG! If it was easy it wouldn't be memorable.

Okay border patrol and luggage was easy peasy. Why would an airport make it so difficult to find a bus ticket machine? I went through mazes, literally mazes, to find it. An hour later, I'm on the bus on the way to the hostel. And what do you know, I passed my stop and now have to walk an extra .7 miles.

And might I add, I arrived at the hostel at exactly one hour until midnight. I rushed to get dressed and quickly applied makeup and revived my beanie hair.

My friend Caroline and I walked into the closet bar that seemed like THE party spot.

We saw a queued line at a bar called McGowans of Phibsboro and of course nothing is free on the biggest night of the year, 15 Euro to enter. At that point, we had no choice. And at that moment, we had no idea what was on the other side of the corner or what we were getting ourselves in to.

It was like we entered into another dimension. Dun. Dun. Dun.

Picture this, flashbacks of you and your friends back in the glory days of college. Got that picture? Now you're mid to high 20s in that same environment. Yup! Not even exaggerating.

At this point, we are the only sober ones and a stiff drink was a must. Forget a beer, let's get a long island, gotta play a game of catch up.

We make our way upstairs and, luckily, a couple was just finishing up at their table and we snagged it before anyone else. This table had the best view to people watch and was smack dab in the middle of the dance floor.

Our first hand experience of the American and Irish cultural differences unraveled right in front of our eyes. Shocked to say it, but it makes Americans little innocent angels.

At our cozy little table, I had a great view of a couple. (Not sure if a true couple or one night stand deal). Basically, they were hardcore making out and slightly having sex. Like at that point it was time for them to get a room. (The security guard seemed to enjoy the view).

Everyone and I mean EVERYONE was making out. Is that a normal thing or is it just because it's New Years and everyone is plastered drunk?

There's girls on the dance floor whipping and flipping their hair and showing off, in mine and Caroline's opinion, mediocre dance moves. So you know it was only right to show off how American girls from Atlanta, Georgia get down and safe to say, we stole the show. No competition whatsoever.

Needless to say, It's always like the good ole college days when we're together.

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