Pros and Cons of Booking an Early Flight

When booking a flight do you typically book morning, afternoon, or night flights? Me, I’m an afternoon type gal. Get a good nights sleep the night before and land with plenty of time to enjoy whatever it is you want to do.

It wasn't until my most recent booking that I had to make a choice between sleep & saving money. - And I’m all about saving moola.

While booking the Roundtrip flights from Atlanta to Miami, the prices varied but of course the cheaper options were 6AM flights.

So I did my magic comparing prices with airlines, Roundtrip and one-ways. I ended up getting a one-way ticket to Miami with American Airlines for $35 and another one-way ticket back to Atlanta for $130 with Delta. (I chose these options because I wanted to make sure to use airlines where I didn’t have to pay extra for carry-on luggage).

I’ve had plenty of red-eye international flights, but this was a first early morning flight for me and possibly the first of many.


1. Completely empty airport

2. Little to no security line

3. Save money

4. Running late? No running through the airport

5. Request UberPool and practically ride alone


1. Most food and retail places closed

2. Getting up early with little to no sleep

3. Chances of oversleeping

4. Airbnb/hotel check-in not available

Okay there’s only 4 cons because ultimately the pros outweigh the cons.

So book that early flight and live a little!

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