Self Love: Hard Lesson Learned Pt.2

It’s been a little over a week since my first blog post and I want to take the time out to first explain why I started my blog website and also to share some of the responses and reactions it has received.

I wanted to create this blog in hopes that I can help anyone in need. Just to put it out there what I went through and how I overcame the situations. I want to let it be known that whoever you are, you are not alone. Many people are going through the exact same thing. They think they are stuck in a depressing relationship, but I hope that I can reassure them that their life doesn’t have to be like that.

For three years I contemplated leaving my relationship. Day after Day. Every single time my mind told me to leave, but my heart was on a different page.

It wasn’t until last summer after talking to some of my good friends that I got the random urge to pack up all my things and just leave. I knew I had to act on it because if I sat around and thought about what I was going to do, I would’ve never taken that leap of faith to leave and I would’ve been still stuck in that awful situation.


Sometimes you just need to talk to your friends and family or someone you can trust. They can tell you some insight from their perspective on the situation. And that’s what I was getting all along from them and I just didn’t listen. I would just brush it off and just think the next day would be better. But that just got tiring.

I hope that this blog can help others who may not have someone they can talk to and hopefully help steer them in the right direction to a better lifestyle.

I have been loving the feedback I’ve been receiving. So many positive words and also people sharing they went through the exact same thing. And love the idea of the blog. A few minutes after the blog going live, I got a call from a friend from college and literally she had me in tears because she went through something similar. And it is not worth it.

The only negative feedback I got was from my ex-boyfriend. Why he wasn’t blocked on my phone is a good question, but he for sure is now. He, once again, wanted to play the blame game saying, “How could I talk about him like that?” I wanted just to ignore his texts, but I just wanted to stick up for myself one last time. I let him know that my blog post had nothing to do with or about him. I let him know that this is my growth, my journey, and my voice.

He told me I had changed and I totally did.

I changed for the better.

I don’t regret one thing at all.


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