The Do-Over

Updated: Jun 16, 2019

Soooo the original plan while planning my trip to Paris with my friend Joyce was to do a mini trip to Portugal. But as the days went while we were contemplating on buying a ticket, the prices were rising, so we just went on and decided to attend a music festival instead.

One of the main reasons that I wanted to visit Paris again, so soon, is to redo everything, like a do over trip. My phone was stolen during my last trip to Paris and I felt the need to start over because to me, it seems like it didn’t count.

Joyce and I had a long but eventful day. I revisited the Louvre, We drank beers and chilled for a few hours by the Seine river, we chilled at Tuileries Garden ( As we were being harassed by kids playing with a soccer ball and they nor their parents couldn’t care less). And to end the night my friend took me to her favorite secret spot to watch the lights of the Eiffel tower. What a perfect night; beers and salami and watching one of the worlds most beloved landmarks.

I’m one happy camper!


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