The Game of Connecting Flights

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

Today debuts the beginning of my 2018 International travels. Currently, I’m writing from above the clouds and to tell you the truth I have a bit of anxiety. Yes, I’m sure everyone gets that anxiety or scare where they feel like they’ve left something important behind, such as their passport, ID, or wallet; even though they have checked countless times.

I’ve checked off everything on my packing list two or three times (overly obsessive I know). My mind likes to play tricks on me for some reason. But, my anxiety is more so coming from my connecting flights between different airlines.

Everyone knows connecting flights are a gamble. It has a domino effect! If one flight is cancelled or delayed, it could possibly jeopardize you making your next flight and honestly nobody has time for that.

My worries go even deeper! Some of my international flights do not have online check-in available (Insert distressed emoji here). I will have to restart my process as if I just arrived to the airport. I’m not sweating bullets just yet!

I may 100% turn into those people who run full speed through the airport. When I’m near my departure gate I will definitely have a celebratory glass of wine.

So challenge accepted and wish me luck!

Do you have any stories or advice of a time you’ve had connecting flights internationally or even on domestic flights?

I would love to hear!

Stay tuned for the updates!

UPDATE: ***If you're reading this, I made it!***

Four flights total. Atlanta to Boston, Massachusetts ⇨ Boston to Reykjavik, Iceland ⇨ Reykjavik to Paris, France ⇨ Paris to Prague, Czech Republic.



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