Travel Insurance: Is It Worth It?

Okay, as odd as it may seem, we all have this emotional attachment to our electronic devices. Whether its your mobile phone or digital camera. And God forbid if something mysteriously happened to them.

As much as I have this passion to travel, I still feel that this bad luck comes over me every time I travel abroad. But, this could happen ANYWHERE.

Before you plan to jet-off, I feel its extremely important to get insurance on ALL valuables. Trust me. if an incident did occur you would save a good chunk of money.

Take it from me, I left my iPhone 8 at the Barcelona Airport and my iPhone X was stolen in Paris. Pretty expensive! And guess how many devices were insured? Zippo!

I had the mindset that nothing would happen especially twice within a 2 month period. I just thought I could save money but not purchasing insurance. Silly in denial me.

So instead of just paying the deductibles for replacement phones, I had to pay out of pocket for new phones. Money that could've went towards other trips and such.

But lesson learned and for the third time around I've wised up and purchased insurance.

As I'm nearing my next trip, I feel a little more safe and secure. But still have have to keep valuables in a secure place and be aware of your surroundings.

"They sure do love you over in Europe"


After 2nd phone disappeared

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