Unfortunate Events: Not Even 24 Hours in London

Plane arrived to London Stansted Airport at 10:30PM, so why in the heck are we just now getting to our AirBnB at nearly 3AM? Let's back it up to review these crazy unfortunate events.

Upon arriving at the gate, we sat on the plane an extra 20 or so minutes, all because the crew was not prepared and couldn't find the stairs for the passengers to exit the plane. Once everyone was off the plane, we then had to take the bus to International arrivals and go through the border control and then baggage claim.

Caroline and I were already prepared for the nearly 2 hour bus ride to central London, so we thought it was best to grab something quick to eat, otherwise things would've definitely turned ugly.

We board the at 11:30 and of course we're the absolute last stop. The metro has stopped working for after hours, so the only options available were to take a taxi, Uber, or bus.

With us being cheap (Of course), we take the public transit route. And needless to say BOTH of our phones were on 20% since leaving the airport. We had no other option than to use our phones wisely.

Here we are strolling the sidewalks of London trying to find the right direction and bus to get us "home." We were never so happy to see Bus N44 coming our way. We hop on the bus, literally after 3 stops we realize we were going in the wrong direction. Like W-T-F!

At this moment, Caroline's phone was on 3% and had to save the day with me 10% because otherwise we would be SOL in the streets of London at 2AM dragging our luggage.

I weighed our options and came up with the executive decision to just order an Uber to take us all the way. One, it would be quicker. Two, our cellphone batteries were depleted. And three, its been a long ass day.

2:30AM, we arrive at the airbnb after struggling to get the lockbox open for 6 minutes. It felt as though we just finished the last level of a video game and victory is ours.

& quite frankly, I'm not sure why I'm still up right now.

Signing off at 3:48AM


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