Unfortunate Events: One Way Ticket to Dublin

It's New Years Eve, Had a flight to Dublin, Ireland from the London Gatwick Airport.

It's the last day of the year. Like what could possibly go wrong. But, literally everything.

I feel as though bad luck follows me, especially when traveling.

Let's rewind to the morning. Slept like 9 or so hours. Woke up totally refreshed from all the drinking from the previous nights. Ready for this traveling day and to ring in the new year in a new place.

Packed up the suitcase, cleaned up the AirBnB, even went to the mall to print my boarding pass. And still had time to kill. So why not pop open a bottle of Procesco?

Public transportation I tell ya. It's like the time doubles when you have somewhere important to be. I started getting anxiety as were nearing the cutoff time to check-in the luggage. Arrived to the check-in desk nearly 7 minutes after the deadline, like what the heck.

Luckily there's one other flight out to Dublin tonight. Unexpected $167 for another ticket later and here I am writing this post as I'm sitting in the plane with a row all to myself.

I guess you have to end the year with a bang, right?

Dublin, Please be good to me.


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